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7 Year Old’s Body Found In Suitcase, Tenant Arrested

Mahanagar 24x7 2018-02-13 17:00:20

New Delhi: In a heart wrenching incident, the body of a 7 year old kid has been kept hidden in a suitcase for over a month. The accused Avadesh Sakya is the tenant of the child’s family. The incident took place at Swaroop Nagar in Delhi.

According to Aslam Khan, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, the child, Asish, was missing from the first week of January. His body has been recovered from a suitcase at Nathupura on Tuesday morning. Avadesh Sakya has been arrested in connection with the murder of the child.

The motif behind the murder is still not known. However, the parents of Asish were reportedly displeased with Sakya’s habit of partying. Although, Sakya, a UPSC aspirant, has been close to Asish.

Meanwhile, the body of the child has been sent for autopsy. An investigator said, “He had been planning to make a ransom call to the boy’s parents.”