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Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Disha beats up Sangram and his goons to save Purab

Indi Lens 2018-02-13 01:08:28

Kumkum Bhagya starts with Disha running to an injured and unconscious Purab as she tries to wake him. Sangram and his goon enjoy the scene and Sangram asks his goon to get the vehicle ready while he gets Disha. Sangram walks to Disha as she cries over Purab asking him to wake. Disha is shocked to see Sangram. Sangram asks her to forget Purab as she is destined to be his wife. He also says that Abhi(Shabbir Ahluwalia) had threatened him to come to Mumbai and he did. He says that once he marries Disha he will return for Abhi and also kill him. Sangram drags Disha away as Purab comes to senses. Sangram is shocked to see him alive and says that he would now beat him to death. As Disha tries in vain to protect Purab, Sangram starts kicking Purab. Sangram then drags Disha away as Purab screams asking Sangram to leave Disha alone. Disha somehow gets hold of a log and starts beating up Sangram and his goons.

She vents out her anger on the goons as she punishes them for beating Purab. As the people surround them Disha tends to Purab. The people attack Sangram and his goons as they protect Disha. Disha tries to motivate Purab to stand up. Purab asks Disha to go away but Disha refuses to leave. Sangram threatens the people with a gun and Disha notices that the people are getting scared. Disha decides to escape from the place before everyone dissipates. Sangram fires the gun and everyone runs. Pragya(Sriti Jha) worries as Purab has not called back yet. Abhi and Dadi console her saying she should not disturb them. Pragya says that she is just worried because they have not answered the call.(Also Read: Sangram attacks Purab while AbhiGya gets worried for the duo)

Dadi asks Pragya to make a call again and put it on speaker so they can also speak to them. A passer by sees a phone on the road and picks it. Pragya is surprised to hear a stranger’s sound. The man says that he found the phone on the road and there is no one around. Pragya and Abhi worry as Abhi tries to calm Pragya by saying that Purab might have lost his phone by chance. Disha and Purab run as Sangram searches around for them. Disha takes Purab to their car as one of Sangram’s goon awaits in the car. Disha sees the man in the car and takes Purab away from there. Disha sees a car open with its key on. Disha decides to steal the car and take Purab to the hospital. Purab refuses to move and says that Disha should leave and call the police. Disha refuses to leave and makes him get into the car. Disha drives the car away as the real owner runs behind the car. Sangram jumps before the car with a gun and Disha dashes past him speeding away. Sangram follows Disha on a bike with his goons.