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Coke Zero addict reveals how she lost more than NINE STONE

News Summed Up 2018-02-12 05:30:00

A mother-of-three who was addicted to Coke Zero revealed how she lost more than 9st in just 18 months after giving up junk food and fizzy drinks. Claudia Cattani, from Alvorada, Brazil, told how she saw her weight balloon to 20st 7Ibs (280lbs) as she binged on fast food and guzzled more than 2l of Coke Zero a day. The mother vowed to turn her life around by cutting out fizzy drinks and fast food and introducing exercise. Ms Cattani explained that her issue with food started from childhood, when her parents gave her fast food as an inexpensive meal option. I was addicted to Coke Zero, consuming more than two litres a day.'