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When bae Preeti croons...!!

Andhra Headlines 2018-02-13 01:08:00
Babe Preeti became a household name. She was the lady love of Dr Arjun Reddy. The film that made two characters Arjun and Preeti so famous indeed made famous the actor Vijay Deverakonda and also Shalini Pandey that much famous too. Shalini has made to the list of most promising actresses of the South.
It was Preeti's voice in anthakshari at girl's hostel in 'Tum Se Mil Kar...' song that makes Arjun go crazy for the lady. He kisses her straight away at the first meet. Now Shalini is all set to croon and prove her singing talent as well in real.
Shalini is making her debut in singing with a private song, ‘Naa Pranamay.’ The song will be out as Valentine’s Day Special. Indian pop rock band Lagori scores this song. We can't wait to hear bae sing for lovers, can we?