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Another Sunny Leone started his journey in Bollywood

One Click News 2018-02-12 20:38:51

Bollywood has now become a very big movie industry, which has become an identity in every corner of the world. It's all a struggle for many decades now that every country's artist does not miss a chance by trying their hands in Bollywood. Bollywood gave the world a number of famous stars, which can not be judged by the people.

Movie tickets are purchased every year more than any other country in the world, making it the world's largest movie industry. India produces crores of rupees from the film production. Due to such a large industry, every artist in the world likes to work in movies of Bollywood and India.

Canadian actress Sunny Leone of Indian origin started her acting journey with India's famous TV show 'Bigboss' in 2011 and after this Sunny Leone never looked back. Sunny said that she is very fortunate that she has the opportunity to work in Indian films.

Now in the upcoming film of Ram Gopal Varma, another foreign actress is working, which will become another Sunny Leone in Indian films. Mia Malkova, a resident of the US state of California, shared this news with her fans after tweeting after completing the shoot of Ramgopal Verma. Ram Gopal Varma also tweeted that Mia was shooting with you in the film Have fun in doing This film of Ram Gopal Varma is very soon to be knocking in theaters.