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How to improve relationships?

Narendra yadav A 2018-02-10 23:33:15

We always try to examine others instead of understanding them. As he had not asked me for tea at his home, he was my best friend but still he had not send me invitation, he always irritates me, he always shows anger and so many examples. 

We should not examine others. We should not judge anyone without knowing reality. Do we know that whatever he had done, why he had done it? What's reason behind his action. It's maybe that he didn't not want to do it but he was helpless. He had not any other option. It's maybe that he wanted our profit but by mistake it went wrong. Without thinking and understanding him and his action and reason behind his action we judge him and examine and say wrong to him. That's why we lost our relationship. That's most big reason why mostly people have no good relationship. 

If you want to make best relationship than never judge and examine others but understand them why they have done it and you were be him what you would do? 

I repeat, "Don't judge and examine others but understand them."

When you understand anyone, than you accept him as he is, without changing him. But when you judge anyone, than you don't understand what he wants and who he is, but we try to change according to us so we get a bad relationship. 

Don't judge and examine others but understand them. 

We think that he is judging us but you don't understand that you are judging him that he is judging you. 

Thanks to Raj Alampur for a good thought.