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Make Bengaluru second capital of country: Minister Deshpande

News Karnataka 2018-01-13 08:59:42

Bengaluru: Minister for Large & Medium Industries and Infrastructure Development RV Deshpande has written a letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make Bengaluru the second capital city of India.

Pitching the need for a capital besides New Delhi, more so in the south of India, the minister in the letter wrote, "India needs a second capital city and Bengaluru is the best place to fulfil that role."

Deshpande further added that "Bengaluru is probably the only city in the country where one can find as many software engineers as classical language scholars. Apart from Delhi, it has, probably internationally, the most diverse student population and nationally the most diverse population of professionals attesting to the cultural diversity of the city and its civic robustness."

The move to establish a second capital, Deshpande said, would help create newer opportunities in trade, cultural exchange and scientific and industrial innovation in Bengaluru while also giving voice to the aspirations of millions of south Indians to feel that they are part of the national mainstream.