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After returning from the holidays, Kareena, along with Nanhe Tamur, came to the airport, look at photos.

SG saroj khan 2018-01-11 23:38:15

One of the Bollywood's cute kids, Timur Ali Khan, was recently seen on the airport with his mother Kareena. With Kareena here, Taimur was quite tired. After all, after the long holidays, Kareena has returned to Mumbai with her husband
Recently, Kareena went to Switzerland with her Habib Saif and son Timur. Where he had a lot of fun.
As Timur's Birthday Celebration ended, these people had left for Switzerland to celebrate the holiday. As soon as she reached Switzerland, Kareena had a lot of fun with her son.
 While appearing in the snow, several photos of Timur were viral on social media. After this, along with Timur, Kareena celebrated New Year.
Now, after the holidays ended, Kareena returned with Timur. They were seen this morning at the Mumbai airport. Kareena was looking very stylish like always.
So Timur's cutness was also being seen. Please tell that Saif is soon going to be in the promotion of Kalakandi. So Kareena will also be busy in Veer Di Wedding soon.