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Kidney transplant to the poor patient of Kashmir in Yenopoya

MegaMedia 2018-01-11 11:24:59

Mangalore: The Yenapoya Medical College Hospital in Derakatte has taken a major step in the medical field by transferring kidney transplantation to a poor patient in Kashmir through a lymphocyte crossmatch and a robotic transplant procedure involving the most minimal surgery.

The lymphocyte cross-matching facility, which is an integral part of kidney transplant surgery, is located at Yenapoya Medical College Hospital in Mangalore. Now the medical college hospital has got a lot of appreciation for kidney transplants in Jammu and Kashmir’s poor patient, beyond the state border.

Jammu and Kashmir was suffering from a last-minute kidney disease in aid of a poor patient in Kashmir. Although his wife was willing to donate her kidney to her husband, money was strained for transplant surgery.

When they contacted a doctor in Yenopoya, the doctor agreed to help the patient consider the financial background. The hospital administration reduced all treatment costs and was exempt from the doctor’s fees. The patient’s transplant surgery was successful and he left the hospital in ten days.

The main obstacle to being expensive is the benefit of kidney transplant therapy. But there is a lot of kidney transplantation in Yenopoya where there is a lot of cost. Foreigners also identified the feat of Yenapoya Medical College Hospital.

The success of kidney transplant surgery depends on the knowledge and enthusiasm of the team’s work and team. Dr Mujeeb, Dr. Althaf Khan, Dr. Nisht D’Souza, Dr. Santosh Pai, Dr. Karthik and Dr. The team of Urology doctors, including Ganesh Kamat, is doing well. Patients who need kidney transplants may contact Trance Plant co-ordinator Neville Nelson, according to a statement.