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15 Times Princess Diana Was Just a Regular Mom

Pop Sugar 2018-01-11 06:50:17

Princess Diana has been deeply loved and idolized by people all over the world for decades, both when she was alive and in the years after her death. What's hard to remember, however — amid the glamorous balls, family scandals, and sparkly tiaras — is that, more than anything else, Diana was just a regular mom. It's obvious from her rare interviews and frequent public outings that she adored sons Prince Harry and Prince William and loved doing simple, run-of-the-mill things with them. She was also fiercely protective of their privacy. Diana's daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, has now followed her example with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. To prove the iconic royal was just like you when it came to her kiddos, keep reading for 15 moments she was a relatable mom . . . you know, minus the literal crown.