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Another One | Kashmir Reader

Kashmir Reader 2018-01-11 01:33:59

Yet another civilian killing has taken place in Kashmir. Given the occurrence of killings of this nature, it would appear that the unfortunate people who fall victims to the conflict in Kashmir, are mere statistics, justified by some as the so called “collateral damage”. But, the prosaic fact of the matter is that human lives are lost. In the ultimate analysis, human life, a gift from God, is and should be sacrosanct. Life gets its sanctity from Divine sources and law. From the stand point of philosophy – applied and conceptual- the conceptual underpinnings of human rights and the panoply of rights that flow from it flow from the nature of life and the individual (living). But, under conflictual conditions that obtain in Kashmir, life tends to be precarious. Other themes that flow from this precariousness of life are fundamental uncertainties and a generalized contingency of life. This cannot and is not a normal condition and therefore has psychical and psychological implications. All this has a searing resonance in Kashmir, made more poignant and defined by both pathos and bathos of life here. Kashmir, is a tragedy that has a starting point but, as things stand now, no end point. Amidst the interstices of this tragic condition, civilian killings happen. A blind eye cannot be turned against these given that the civilians that die are part and parcel of our society. The media’s coverage of civilian fatalities in Kashmir is not to sensationalize as has been observed and remarked upon by some. Churlish statements that lay the onus of blame on the media for covering these gory incidents amount to trivializing human life. Instead of churlishness and pique, civilian killings in Kashmir must concentrate the minds of those who actually matter who then should devise ways to end these. Ending the saga of civilian killings in Kashmir cannot actually happen by finessing or tweaking Counter Insurgency (COIN) doctrines; it can come to a close by a real and dispassionate understanding and reasons of the conflict in and over Kashmir. It is actually the conflict from where emanate its manifestations. COIN merely battles manifestations not the underlying realities and dimensions which are the well springs of the conflict. So, to end both civilian killings and create salubrious conditions in Kashmir, what is essential is resolving the conflict and all its dimensions. It is towards this that the energies of powers that be must be devoted to.

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