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What is Raw Water, Why People are Drinking Raw Water –You Should Know about it

Rupal Diary 2018-01-10 19:19:16

What is Raw Water:-

Raw water is natural water found in the environment that has not been treated and does not have any of its minerals, ions, particles, bacteria, or parasites removed. Raw water includes wells water, rainwater, groundwater, and water from bodies like lakes and rivers.

5 Things You Should Know about Raw Water:-

  1. Raw water can be used for many purposes, such as cooling water, water for rinsing and chemical production, purified water, and drinking water. Raw water must be treated before it is allowed for human consumption or industrial use
  2. All forms of raw water do not pose the same health risks. It is not exactly a new concept. Millions of people still continue to enjoy raw water from wells.
  3. Drinking water from such wells are the best examples of explaining the potential dangers of untreated water consumption. They can lead to massive health epidemics if consumed regularly. Untreated water can contain bacteria, parasites, and dangerous viruses.
  4. It may just be in its natural form of water but the contaminants present may lead to life-threatening diseases like liver damage, kidney problems, nervous system disorders, et al. Humans can be exposed to waterborne organisms causing symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  5. Controlling the land surrounding raw water sources is key to reducing turbidity. Areas of high sediment resuspension and erosion need attending regularly, and screens and other devices are needed to catch suspended particles.