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Voters clear about not repeating mistake

The Tribune 2017-12-07 02:08:00
JALANDHAR VOTES 2017 WARD WATCH: 63, 64Say sewerage and garbage problems are among the major issues
Women sitting outside their houses discuss the civic body elections in Jalandhar on Wednesday. Tribune Photo

A group of women sitting in front of their houses was showing unhappiness over the works done by the former councillor of their ward. They said the former councillor had done nothing for them. Gujja Peer and Industrial areas come under Ward No. 63 and 64. They have made their minds as to whom they will give their votes this time. Mostly lower-middle class families live in these wards. Sitting beneath dangling wires, they said such wires pose a threat to their lives and despite that, the councillor had never listened to them. “Nobody listens to us so we are determined not to repeat the mistake which we did by electing our previous councillor,” the women said in a unity. They said women were not getting pensions. They added that residents living in these wards were grappling with sewerage and garbage problems, which had forced them to make their minds as to whom they would cast their votes. Manju Bala, one of them, said they had approached the councillor many times but to no avail. Asha Rani (62) said, “I had applied for my pension a year ago. But till date, I have not got it. I had approached the councillor to help me out. But no one listened to me.” Krishnawanti, another woman, said, “The water supply is not regular in the area. Only we know the problem which we face daily. But nobody cares about it.” Businessman Sushil Saini, a resident of Globe Colony, said, “Garbage lying unattended on the roads is one of the key issues. Many a time, the issues were resolved after we met the councillor. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for us to attract their attention.” Manoj Kumar, a workshop owner, had another point to share. He said, “The major problem in the area is that everyone listens to those residents who have links with politicians.”

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