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Hyderabad: Crackdown on online sites needed, feel psychologists

Deccan Chronicle 2017-12-07 02:07:00

Hyderabad: Two of the leading online service providers i.e. YouTube and Microsoft are trying to do their bit to clean up the online space by removing videos that could adversely affect young people. Chand Basha, inspector of social media, cyber crimes, Hyderabad, says, “It is a very good initiative because one never knows what can influence a child in the online world. Instead of waiting for users to comment or report, if individual websites start monitoring their content, we can see a broader change regarding this issue. Once the database and reach increases, it becomes difficult to monitor.”

The autoplay feature of YouTube is also being questioned as videos that are unsuitable for children sometimes pop up after a video. Microsoft, too, has decided to clean up its online game system. A new feature of the Xbox is uploading videos of players gaming through Xbox Live. Microsoft temporarily suspended accounts of players who used foul language. 


Sajith Kumar, a techie, says, “We all like to unwind while playing a game and in the charged atmosphere, we do end up swearing when we miss a point or lose, but to be honest the games should be scrutinised. A child playing Grand Theft Auto is seeing brutal violence, sexual abuse and others. A swear word is little in front of that.”Psychologists agree that a crackdown on online sites is much needed. 

Dr Purnima Nagaraja says extreme levels of monitoring are not needed “but swearing, nudity, attempted suicide and others should be checked. Channels should be held accountable for what they post. While many might not act on videos they watch, there are many who silently watch and follow the same. A student had uploaded a video of committing suicide until the last minute. Imagine other youngsters watching it. Gross, offensive and insensitive content should be banned.”Psychologists also say that parents have a responsibility to see that their children’s viewing is supervised to the extent possible.