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Top 10 most beautiful wives of presidents and monarchs

SURAJIT HALDER 2017-12-06 12:28:01

Presidents and monarchs like any man are not indifferent to women's beauty. It is not surprising that the rulers' wives are exceptionally beautiful. See for yourself!

1. Melania Trump - the first lady of the USA (46 years old)

The title of the most beautiful first lady of the century goes to Melania Trump - a former fashion model. A gorgeous figure, innate grace, slanting cat's eyes - all this makes her truly adorable. Donald Trump knows the beauty of beauty - all three of his wives are one more beautiful than the other! Intoxication on the day of his acquaintance with Melania did not stop him from asking for her phone. They are inseparable for 18 years.


2.  Marcela Temer - the first lady of Brazil (33 years old)

Marcela Temer is younger than her husband, 76-year-old Michel Temer, for 42 years - she married in 2003. Behind her 20-year-old beauty was already the royal title of the Brazilian city of Paulinia. August 31, 2016, Marcela became the first lady of Brazil, but residents are distrustful of her, believing that she spends too much money on her outfits from the state treasury.

 3. Leticia - Queen of Spain (44 years)

Prior to his wedding with Prince Philip VI of Leticia, Ortiz Rocasolano was a famous journalist and TV presenter, but for the sake of marriage with the heir to the throne, she had to quit her career. However, as the first lady, Leticia managed to become famous all over the world as a woman with the most impeccable taste. According to rumors, Kate Middleton herself is trying to imitate her. Her wedding dress tops the rating of the most beautiful wedding dresses in history.

 4. Queen Rania - the first lady of Jordan (46 years old)

Queen Rania is famous not only for its beauty but also for active political activity. It defends the rights of Arab women and children and does a lot of charity work. You will not see the Queen of Jordan in traditional Arabian clothes: she never wraps herself in black from head to toe, giving preference to the European style.

    5. Mehriban Aliyeva - the first lady of Azerbaijan (52 years)

The wife of the Azerbaijani president is a real eastern beauty. Despite the years (and she is already over 50), she looks amazing. Look at her picture with her daughters and try to guess which of the three charming women is Mehriban. It's not an easy task, is it?

6. Juliana Avada - the first lady of Argentina (42 years old)

The wife of the Argentine president was repeatedly recognized as one of the most elegant women on the planet. In addition to the exquisite taste of Juliana got a bright appearance, inherited from the father of the Lebanese and the Syrian mother.

 7. Angelica Rivera is the first lady of Mexico (47 years old)

Anhelika Rivera is the first lady of Mexico and a popular actress of soap operas. To the Russian televiewer she is known for roles in serials "Simply Maria" and "Mistress". In 2008, Angelica, thanks to its beauty, won the heart of the Governor of Mexico City, Enrique Peña Nieto, for whom 2 years later she married. In 2012, her husband was elected president of Mexico, and she became the first lady.

  8.  Jetsun Pema - the first lady of Bhutan (26 years old)

"Himalayan Kate Middleton", "Queen of the Dragons," "The First Beauty of Bhutan," "the jewel of the Butane crown," as the young wife of the Bhutanese is called in the press. The monarch is so fascinated by the wonderful companion of his life that for her sake he refused polygamy, although he had the right to unite the destiny with several women at once, as his father did.

 9. Lalla Salma - Queen of Morocco (38 years old)

The wife of the Moroccan king Mohammed VI comes from an ordinary family. Before the fateful meeting with the monarch, she worked as a computer engineer, and for the first time saw her future wife at one of the corporate parties. The red-haired beauty immediately turned her head to Mohammed, for her sake he refused to take other women as his wife, although he is an adherent of the Sharia.

10. Princess Charlene - the first lady of Monaco (38 years old)

Prince Albert II of Monaco married rather late, at 51. He opted for the charming blond Charlene Wittstock, a former swimmer. The king's entourage says that the prince's wife is very similar to his mother, the legendary Grace Kelly.

Probably, it was this similarity, as well as the desire to have a legitimate heir, that forced the monarch to say goodbye to bachelorhood. Three years after the wedding, the 36-year-old Charlene gave birth to the twins - Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

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