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The 10 least stressful jobs on the planet

Monstersand Critics 2017-12-06 00:07:11

Being a hairstylist is one of the least stressful jobs there is to do

While some jobs are extremely stressful — there are many where stress relatively unheard of.

So if you’re fed-up of stress in your job, or are looking for a relaxing career, check out the jobs below — the ten least-stressful jobs of all, according to research by jobs website

They were rated on things including how far workers have to travel to work, what deadlines they face, how competitive their jobs are, and whether staff are in the public eye.

10 Drill-Press Operator

Operating a heavy drill press in an industrial environment might sound like a dangerous job but in fact drill-press operators can work at their own pace so they almost never get stressed.

It is also one of the safest, and the most popular, jobs in the manufacturing industry.

It’s also not as tedious as it sounds because workers not only operate the drill press, but also replace and sharpen worn-out tools, and perform minor assembly tasks. If you want to work in manufacturing but want a stress-free life then this is the job for you — with an average salary of $35,580.

9 Multimedia Artist

Multimedia artists use a wide range of different media outlets to create their art. This could be in sound, pictures, videos, sculptures, cartoons or any other contemporary medium.

They will work either for a studio, publishing house or as freelance multimedia artists, with a high average salary of $61,370.

The fact they are constantly expressing themselves means they suffer little stress no matter what their work set-up is. Do you have a creative side? Maybe this could be the stress-free job for you.

8 Librarian

This is an ideal job for book-lovers and for those who love meeting people.

No matter how busy they are at work the life of a librarian is generally extremely calming thanks to the nature of their workplaces — where even talking at an elevated level is frowned upon.

Librarians also get paid remarkably well, with an average salary of $55,370.

7 Medical Records Technician

Medical Records Technicians are responsible for organizing and maintaining the health records of patients.

Their responsibilities can vary according to the area they are working in, but their job generally involves keeping tabs on patients’ medical history, diagnosis, payments, and treatment as well as compiling survey results.

Do you have good organisational skills? Then try a career as a medical records technician, which comes with an average annual salary of $34,160

6 Dietician

A dietician can either work for a hospital advising patients on special diets designed to meet their specific medical needs, or privately to help people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight.

Their job is almost entirely stress-free and is also rewarding as they are able to watch their patients’ health improve or see them start to visibly lose weight.

And they are well paid for their efforts, with an average median salary of $55,240.

5 Seamstress/Tailor

There is always a demand for seamstresses and tailors to work in the textile industry to sew, mend and alter clothes and garments. Although their jobs are slightly different, both are pretty much stress-free and have an average salary of $26,280.

Tailors tend to work with suits and coats altering them to fit a customer whilst seamstresses tend to do repairs and alterations but tailors can also make things like ball-gowns whilst seamstresses can make dresses.

4 University Professor (Tenured)

A tenured university professor is a privileged position where the person is appointed into their job until they reach the age of retirement.

The only way they can lose the job is if they make some terrible breach of their university’s code of conduct. Their job is relatively stress-free as they have financial security and stability into their old age, with an annual average salary of $64,290.

3 Jeweler

The only time a jeweler might suffer any stress is if their shop is broken into — but happily that is a rare occurrence.

Jewellers are often creative people designing and make their own jewelery on the side, while those who sell it or fix it only have to make an occasional sale to keep their businesses ticking along. A jeweler’s average salary is $35,350.

2 Hair Stylist

Hair stylists are some of the most relaxed people around — and it’s hardly surprising when they get to chat to people all day and make them feel good about themselves.

Hairdressers are artists in their own right and even though their average salary is relatively low at $22,700, their career is a secure one. As long as people’s hair keeps growing, there will always be hair stylists.

1 Audiologist

Audiologists not only have the least-stressful career out there but also one of the most rewarding. They detect and prevent problems with the middle and inner ear, and provide an extremely important job to those they treat.

Imagine helping youngsters with hearing difficulties succeed in school because of your help — or seeing older people carry on a normal life because of you.

Audiologists are also extremely well paid, with an average salary of $69,720. Not bad for the least-stressful job of all.