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Top 5 Horror Movies That Are Basically Porn

News Express Duniya 2017-12-04 13:24:47

A Serbian Film

Word disturbing doesn’t even begin to cover the range of perverse elements on display in ‘A Serbian Film’. Think of the worst and you have it all in the film. Some scenes are so brutal beyond imagination that you almost feel guilty of watching it. To call it sexually explicit will be an insult to the vision of director Srdjan Spasojevic who didn’t shy away from showing the darkest and most depraved desires of human beings. The film is not worth recommending to anyone and no person in the right mind will go for a repeat viewing of it after accidentally discovering it. But keeping in mind the context of the list here, it definitely deserves the top spot.


Lars von Trier’s ‘Antichrist’ is overtly sexual even for the director’s own blasphemous standards. How many film opens with the scene of a husband and wife having sex (unsimulated, as per reports) as their child embrace death by falling from a window? In just one scene the director effortlessly make subtle references to lust, fate and fragility of life. From then onward grief takes over the film and crosses all limits of insanity and perversity as the film progress towards a Biblical but controversial ending. The stunning visuals are a sharp contrast to the inner turmoil of the two main players of the film who try hopelessly to hold on to the last threads of hope and resurrection. Charlotte Gainsbourg is the implied antichrist in the story who uses her sexuality to manipulate her husband and thus ruining her personal life.


This Korean Vampire-horror saga beautifully combines elements of thriller, drama and forbidden love. Director Park Chan-wook seamlessly mixes tradition and taboo to present us an engaging tale of a blood thirsty priest gone rogue with the effective use of modern technology. Sexual desire in the film is a way of showing the futility of abstinence and how in the long run both the sinner and the pious lean towards the same grisly end. Staying true to the characteristics of an all or nothing Park Chan-wook film, the sex scenes in this one caters to both the male and female audiences. While the women don’t mind going topless the men too are comfortable with full frontal nudity.

Don't look Now

The British-Italian horror film ‘Don’t Look Now’ is a perfect example of delivering scares without resorting to cheap thrills. Moody European landscapes and the aesthetic use of the colour red dominates the narrative that forces you to think if all that is going on is for real or a warped version of reality. The story as such had no scope for incorporating sensual moments but a particular bed room scene with the lead stars surrendering themselves to lust is easily one of the most hardcore sex scenes in film movie history, irrespective of genres. Starring two of the hottest stars of its time Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, the film is watchable even today thanks to their sizzling – and often edging on borderline depression – chemistry.

Cannibal Holocaust

Ruggero Deodato’s 1980 take on cannibalism was originally supposed to be a question on who the cannibals actually are. To state it as raw would certainly be an understatement. ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ was unapologetically animalistic, with the director opting to show cruelty and vandalism in its naked form. The violence and rapes seemed uncannily real. The deaths were gruesome at best and the stark animal cruelty filmed didn’t help it out of the controversy pool.

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