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Baseline English evaluation of students from today

The Tribune 2017-11-14 01:30:00

In a bid to better the English reading and comprehension skills of the students of government schools, the Education Department will hold the baseline evaluation of English skills of students from tomorrow. It is for the first time that such an exercise is being carried out in schools to upgrade English skills of government school students. The schools shall be sent Baseline Testing Evaluation Tools for the English language. Teachers of the sixth, seventh and eighth standard shall be given these tools and from November 14, the baseline testing in the English language will begin. The training regarding this has already been given at the district level. An assessment sheet is also being sent along with the evaluation tool in which all records regarding the baseline testing shall be filled. The kits being provided shall contain flash cards, picture identification cards, letters, two samples papers, reference words, sentences and stories to help assess the understanding of students in the language. The teachers shall be supposed to compile the sheet and send it to their respective BMs by November 20. The responsibility to get the baseline testing done of schools attached to them shall be of the complex in-charges. Teachers who get training is in the last phase shall send the assessments after five days. Chandrashekhar, district mentor, English, Parho Punjab Parhao Punjab, said, “We have often seen students struggling with words, letters and sentences. The tests and tolls kits shall basically aid the teachers in understanding the comprehension ability of students. We shall start with testing then on letter identification, then moving on to word story, sentence identification and story identification. While a five-day baseline testing session shall be held for students first, after that a foundation course shall also be held for the teachers of the district.”

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