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Celebrity wax statue fails

Elle India 2017-01-12 16:24:30
  • 12 celebrity wax figures that gave us nightmares

    by Salva Mubarak

    It was reported back in November that the famous Madame Tussauds wax museum is all set to open their 22nd international museum in Delhi in 2017. While you're probably excited to have the opportunity to rub shoulders with celebrities without the hassle of their security detail and entourage, we're also prepared for the eventuality that the featured wax figures will have us spending hard-earned money on therapy for ages.

    We've rounded up some of the wax figures () that are unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

  • Katrina Kaif's wax figure isn't as bad as some of the others on this list. But it fails to capture the actress' distinct features and ends up looking like a generic Caucasian model from a Bollywood dance-off video .

  • Even if you're not a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan, you have to admit that the wax figure is a grave injustice to the star.

  • The blonde hair that hangs limply down a face that's missing the chiselled features of Chris Hemsworth is just the tip of everything that is wrong with this figure. 

  • Sofia Vergara might look super excited about her wax twin but we will never look at the star the same way again. 

  • The stern expression on her face or the awkward mid-dance pose, take your pick.

  • This deserves a special place in wax figure hell for the horrifying recreation of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu in the classic pose.

  • If the clearly marked sign at the Hollywood Waxworks in Los Angeles didn't declare this to be Jennifer Garner, we'd never have made the connection on our own. 

  • We apologise in advance for the image of the world's most liked talk show host that cannot be unseen. 

  • The problem with this figure is not that it doesn't resemble Oprah. The problem lies with the fact that it makes her look like a terrifying other dimension version of herself.

  • The  singer's wax figure would be appropriate for the sequel.

  • You may argue that Kween K looks like a wax statue in real life. Which is what makes this wax statue fail even more surprising.

  • Aren't there any kind of laws that prevent the creation of blasphemous works of art?