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Mumbai Police Calendar 2017 launch, it shows women power!

Free Press Journal 2017-01-12 15:15:24

Mumbai: The much-awaited Mumbai Police Calendar 2017, shot by ace photographer Pravin Talan has finally been launched by Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. If you loved the Mumbai Police Calendar 2016- this one is going to be loved even more- its bigger, better and more powerful.

According to Talan, Mr. Dattatraya Padsalgikar Commissioner of Police, Mumbai , was clear that he wanted more women power to be projected in the calendar along with capabilities of its commando units. The fact that Mr. Deven Bharti, Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) himself has a keen eye for visuals and gave complete freedom to shoot the calendar, made it easier to conceptualize the final shots. The real challenge was to make it better than previous year, whose images had already gone viral.

This year’s calendar has more of action and emotion of the police force with the essence of the city they protect. A final blend of art and emotion, the limited print edition has turned into a collector’s item. Though Mumbai Police has plans to make use of its strong twitter handle with more than 1.2 million followers to maximize the reach of the calendar and also a downloadable pdf version for those who might want it.

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On the theme of calendar Mr. Dattatraya Padsalgikar Commissioner of Police, Mumbai said , “Mumbai is a magnanimous city. It has lived through a lot of ups and downs and always emerged stronger than before. This city has inspired millions across the globe and inspires us at every dawn. Mumbai Police derives its strength from the citizens and all our selfless service to the city is our tribute to Mumbai for always being our strongest pillar.”

“This calendar compiles our undying commitment to the safety and security of this all-embracing, generous, powerful, vibrant and exuberant city. Merci beaucoup Mumbai”, He added.

The calendar gently explores the beauty and heritage of Mumbai and captures the fine art of policing, managing to create a striking balance between the two. Pravin Talan is well known for his original and artistic interpretation of his subjects and undertakes at least two projects every year of social relevance or for India’s men & women in uniform, besides being a successful fashion and commercial photographer.

In Pictures: Mumbai Police calendar 2017

1. The sun never fails to rise over the Mumbai sky nor do the patrol boats of Mumbai Police fail to scale its waters. They trail the sunlight and travel with it from dawn to dusk to ensure a round the clock coastal vigilance.

2. Matches at Wankhede Stadium don’t get over for Mumbai Police with the tenth wicket or the fiftieth over. They end only after each spectator safely exits the stadium. This holds true for every event, festival or celebration in any part of the city all through the year.

3. The uniform defies the gender boundary. It only identifies strength, will power and the commitment to serve. Mumbai Police is proud to have an increasing number of lady commandos in the team with their focus set on one target- safety of the city and citizens.

4. Mumbai Police dives deep to get to the root of the threats to the city from different routes- none left unattended by the respective units!

5. The second most populous metropolitan area in the country, Mumbai always beams with tourists from across the world. It’s heartening when some of them spare a moment to share a smile with us!

6. Mean machine with designer windshield, utility boxes and high intensity white and blue LED flicker lights are for our Beat Marshalls. The reflective radium stickers will make sure you don’t miss them on the streets as they don’t miss any happening on the street.

7. Women have always been a symbol of ‘Shakti’ and the lady commandos in the Quick Response Team are a living example. Fit, alert, sensible, patient and aggressive – all in the perfect proportions.

8. The four legged best friends of Mumbai Police always help the team in keeping their detections on track. They can easily sniff a reality from a rumour and vice versa. Trained extensively to track criminals & substances, our investigations are often impossible without them.

9. Lady officers of Mumbai Police- constantly and consistently rising the ladder of success.

10. Compassion is Mumbai Police’s strongest weapon and their smile signals are always green. The traffic police don’t just use their hands to regulate traffic but also readily lends them for help in times of need.

11. Ready to scale any height to make sure the safety and security parameter of the city never drops.

12. Coastal security is one of the top priorities of Mumbai Police and they detest the serenity of the sea being disturbed by attempts to trouble the waters.

13. Protector of the good. Mumbai Police never fails to checkup on the senior citizens of the city.

14. Destroyer of the evil- a commando from Mumbai Police Quick Response Team in action.

15. Mumbai Police’s QRT is highly trained commando unit, well equipped with modern weapons and technology to protect the city.