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The role of branding

Artipot 2017-01-12 05:30:00
Big brands spend millions in advertising every year only to make sure you never forget them. If they stopped branding, their market share would go down drastically. The truth is that brands are always looking at communicating a message. Branding design is all about building relationships. When you build relationships with people, they keep coming back as customers. When people see the logo on your website, they'll automatically associate it with your offerings.
Brand design plays a vital role in communicating with your target markets. Believe it or not, people are ready to spend double the amount for a branded product because it has the brand logo or design on it. For example, you as a consumer are more likely to pay for a t-shirt with a cool design on it than one without because the brand is important to you. Sometimes, even if you know that the two shirts are exactly the same otherwise. They could have been made by the same manufacturer, in the same factory, by the same worker. But one has far more value than the other because of the branding design.
Most of the stuff big brands sell is made in China. You would never pick up a cheap, plastic toy with 'made in China' written on it on the street, but if the same toy was available at Hamleys; you would readily shed thousands for it. The value of brand design ups the value of the product.
Thus, if you own a business, always remember that branding design is very important. When people buy products from you, they are paying for the brand, not the product. The logo design associated with your brand has value.
Only the most successful businesses understand the true power of their branding design.
To conclude, brands are like prisms. They collect and focus light to a single, refined point that is brand design. They help businesses cut through competition and make a lasting impression on the consumer. If you want to set yourself apart from your competition, it is important to explore and understand the science of good branding. A good branding design will have your users raving about their experience, no matter what.