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Amazon Disrespects Indian Flag & Emblem - Sells Imprinted Doormat , Shoes & Dog Coats!

The Indian Talks 2017-01-12 15:05:02

Amazon have withdrawn the Indian Flag themed door mats that has been a cause of anger of Union External Minister Sushma Swaraj , but it seems that the online retail website troubles are not yet over!

It is reported that the Amazon’s United States Arm sells shoes & shoes lace metal hoops which bears a emblem similar to the Indian tricolour.

The product is described as ‘Chukka Canvas Shoe’ , which is priced at $ 43.99 (Rs. 3,000 approximately) and the shoe lace accessories at $4.49 (Rs 300 approximately). These are made available on Amazon from the company N.Y.L.A which is based in Los Angeles.

Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has warned Amazon saying that India would stop issuing visas to the employees of the firm and rescind those who already granted , if the e – commerce giant does not withdraw all the products insulting the Indian National Flag immediately.

Any disrespect to the National Flag is a punishable offence in India and could attract jail term of 3 years & a fine or even both according to ‘The Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act , 1971.’

Apart from Amazon , another American Online Retailers named Café Press was also found selling T – Shirts for dogs with the Indian National Flag imprinted on them , which is being sold under the name ‘Indian Coat of Arms Seal Dog t – Shirt’ which is priced at $ 19.99 (Rs . 1,362 approximately).

E - Commerce Site Cafe Press Selling Indian Emblem Imprinted On T -Shirt For Canines.
As the State Emblem of India (Prohibition of Improper Use , Act , 2005) which makes the use of ‘ the Indian emblem for the purpose of any business , trade , profession or in the title of any patent or trade mark or design except in the cases and condition which are prescribed’ , as a punishable offence.

However , similarly like Amazon , there are many other e – retailers especially in India which are selling products imprinted with the National Flags of other countries but that has triggered much protests. There are many doormats , undergarments , shoes and cushion covers with US Flag imprinted on them which are widely sold online , both in abroad and India by Amazon , Ebay and many others.

While according to the US Flag Code , it says that , ‘it should not be embroidered , impressed or printed on articles as handkerchiefs , napkins , cushions , boxes or anything that intend to be discarded after a temporary use.’