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The commandments of Business Card Design

Artipot 2017-01-12 05:30:00
No matter how well-designed a card can be; it also needs to serve the functional personal marketing tool. In this article, we will discuss the commandments of business card design.
1. Use good card stock: There is an ample variety in card stock. Avoid making blind decisions. Before getting your business card printed, order paper samples from major card printers. These are often free and give you a good sampling of what you can expect.
2. Beware of your type size: Never use too large or too small font. If you have too many details to fit in, a small type size will do. However, if you only want to put in a name, address and phone number, go in for a slightly large type size. Small type may even bleed while printing.
3. Make your design stand out: For a business card to look different, it is important that it stands out. Use bright colours and a high gloss stock. Add a special touch to it so that it doesn't end up looking like the same old card in the pile. While you want your design to stand out, it doesn't mean you over-clutter it. Simple and clean can have as much impact as even the most dynamic of designs.
4. Be sparing: Restrict your design and content elements to avoid over-cluttering. Your card should communicate its message efficiently, so be succinct with your design.
5. Know your industry: There are conventions for a reason, and sometimes it's smart to follow the industry specific best practices. For example, design in higher point sizes if you think your end user may struggle reading small print.
6. Proof print your cards: Have a peek of what your cards will look like when printed. Printing your cards to proof gives a new perspective on the design and helps ensure you got things like your margins and type sizes right to name a couple.
Following these commandments will make sure your card is in place. A good business card is that which has been finished well. You can use finishing techniques like embossing and foil stamping to give your card an added touch of class. Carry a supply of your business cards with you at all times.