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Careers in limbo

Greater Kashmir 2017-01-12 02:01:48

This way we are spoiling the prospect of our youth

Our state is suffering from a poor index on one of the biggest economic indicators and that is Employment. Lack of a developed corporate establishment, absence of Micro and Small Enterprises, limited opportunities and the infection of corruption in our govt sector job arena and an unstable political condition are some of the most obvious causes. This unemployment situation has resulted in such a chaos and confusion among our educated youth that whenever a job vacancy is advertised, be it in Private or Public sector, young boys and girls throng the venue in unbelievably huge numbers. Candidates with doctorates are seen applying for clerical posts. All this is a consequence of limited job opportunities; a candidate with a doctorate degree and a  number of publications is unsure of getting a job in a university or a college given the prevailing job crunch. Adding salt to the injury, our public and semi-govt recruitment agencies and organisations like JKPSC, SSB and, of course, JK Bank leave job aspirants clueless, confused and frustrated. JK Bank's RE recruitment, that had begun way back in 2015, is the recent example of this detrimental exploitation of an unemployment situation.

JK Bank advertised recruitment of REs in March 2015. First of all, the advertisement in itself was ambiguous. It did not mention number of vacancies, salary, place of posting, date of written examination, date of interview and date of final results. This must be noted that in a Bank's advertisement for recruitment, all this information is clearly given. Take the example of SSC Graduate Level Exam, SSC FCI exam, IBPS exam; all the dates are mentioned clearly. This is very important; it enables a candidate plan accordingly. A definite timeline helps candidates in making informed and planned decisions regarding his or her career. A candidate is at a very crucial stage of his career during such days of job search. By making your advertisement unclear means that there is a possible intention of doing a foul play. The possibility of making room for all kinds of backdoor entries, under-the-table earning and absobing blue-eyed candidates can't be ruled out; after all why would, otherwise, an organisation like JK Bank make such an inordinate delay! The lamb excuses of Balance Sheet preparation and demonetisation are unacceptable. It has been only a couple of months since the start of demonetisation; what was JK Bank's HR Department doing since March 2015 to November, 2016?

There is another story too. The candidates who have been interviewed are eagerly waiting for the final results. To know their final result, they are knocking at every door---media houses, news channels, JK Bank officials and what not. But, nobody is in a position to give them an exact date. This is really discouraging for them that from JK Bank's newly appointed chairman, aspirants get an absolutely irresponsible and unclear answer: "the results would be declared soon." What is the meaning of the word 'soon'? Is this a 'week', a 'month', a 'quarter', or a 'year'? The candidates are clueless; some of them have formed Facebook groups to console each other while some of them literally beg some journalists to give any credible information. But, this also leaves them disappointed. On the other hand there are some indecorous people who call themselves journalists and who have set up local channels with romantic names like 'Gulsitaan' and 'Sanam' and continue to broadcast news with no authentic source just to earn name and fame. These uncomely people also play with the emotions of RE aspirants. There is no greater sin than to spread rumours among the unemployed job aspirants just to gain some attention! It is for the authorities to check the operations of such channels and their pseudo journalists and banish them out as soon as possible. At the same time, I would like to congratulate journalists from media and press establishments and all those news channels and newspapers who do not spread any such hurtful rumour. This is a proof of their responsible and reliable journalism. However, it would be their prime responsibility to press upon JK Bank authorities to answer and end the years-long silence over the issue.

Making students wait for years altogether to know whether they are selected or not is, I believe, the most irresponsible action of a reputed organisation like JK Bank. This, literally, is playing with the emotions of the job aspirants. Some of them are suffering from mental depressions now. I personally know a number of candidates who are so desperately waiting for their results that they are spending sleepless nights. After a jobless period since the completion of their studies, JK Bank's recruitment had given aspirants a new hope which, unfortunately, is turning out to be an eye sore for them. Their career is in limbo now. It's is very unfair to play with the careers of thousands of jobless candidates. Under the shadow of not being under the direct control of the government and, thus, not being answerable to RTI, JK Bank is playing a very unfair game.

(The author is MBA, NET, IBPS. He's Officer Sacle I in a leading Nationalised Bank. The views are personal and not of the organisation he works for.)